2020 Year-In-Review: Numbers from an unprecedented year


Even in times marked by great uncertainty, I always find a little comfort in reviewing all that happened.


Here’s a snapshot from my 2020 review, which mostly revolved around doing a lot less, compared to other years. Apparently, it was the year of 4’s:

  • 4 blog posts
  • 4 emails
  • 4 podcast interviews
  • 4.4k Instagram likes


On the blog, I wrote about choosing the easier option when it comes to parenting, COVID-19 resources for pregnancy/birth/postpartum, COVID-19 resources for small businesses, and planning for maternity leave during a pandemic. I think these will all still be relevant in 2021.


Likewise, 2020’s podcast episodes have evergreen content on planning for maternity leave, babyproofing your business, and postpartum prep. I also shared a bit more about my personal story and experience trying to figure out how to “work in a way that isn’t exhaustive” on The Brave Files.


While blogging and podcasting were pretty minimal this year, I read and wrote a whole lot more than I expected to:


And then there was the deeply personal aspects of experiencing some health issues during early 2020 and then navigating life as a working parent during a pandemic:

  • 4.5 weeks of family/medical leave
  • 16 doctor appointments
  • 23 therapy sessions


While the numbers all help me better understand what took place during the year, I’m left with a clear takeaway: GRATITUDE. I am so grateful for the excellent health and resources I have had access to during this past year. It has been a critical part of being able to care for myself, my family, and my community. May 2021 be a year where we all have access to the joy, transformation, and care we deserve.

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