Fundamental Pillars

These pillars are the foundation for the services I provide:

Comprehensive support

Finding the right kind of support is key for your health and your child’s. Not the occasional (or unsolicited) advice. Real, genuine, deep support. I’m talking about the kind of support that goes beyond medical care, or the physiological changes you go through. In the field of social work, we call it “wraparound support” and it’s just what it sounds like — support that envelops all aspects of the transition – the physiological, psychological, emotional and social. I’m not just here to help with one thing or another, I’m here because I know there are questions about all the things, and together, we can figure out how to make sense of them.


Continuity of Care

I will stick with you through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum — like a doula, but for your business. The health care system is set up so that you will have to interact with a lot of different professionals at each of these distinct phases – I’m committed to providing a constant source of care. Most women start working with me in their second or third trimester and continuing on until after baby is born – sometimes even up to a year! Your postpartum care plan is just as important as your prenatal care and/or birth plan, and continuity of care is a way to ensure that you have support along the entire spectrum of your transition to motherhood.


Navigating the Unknown

Is this normal? Is that normal? What is normal? Suffice to say, the “new normal” takes some getting used to. The only constant seems to be uncertainty and it’s a challenging wave to ride. Anxiety and self-doubt seem to rear their ugly heads at every turn. Together, you can figure out what works for you and your family. I’ll be blunt: not being sure of what to do or how to do it is part of the package, so figuring out how to navigate those feelings is one of the best tools you will have.


Evidence + Intuition

The latest maternal mental research confirms what we know anecdotally – the best thing for a baby is a happy, healthy mom. Now, I am a researcher and health professional by training, so you can count on me to have the latest evidence at my fingertips. However, I’m also a mom (and a little woo woo…yoga, ayurveda, meditation…that’s my jam too!), so bringing all the evidence down to the intuitive “what’s gonna work for my reality” level is critical. I do all the research (so you don’t waste precious nap time on Google) and then we figure out together how to apply the info to you and yours.