You have probably already googled "how to plan for maternity leave when you work for yourself."

You quickly realized...WTF...there’s not much out there for people like you and me!

Whether you call yourself an entrepreneur, freelancer, contractor, solopreneur, or biz owner, we are all facing a major problem: planning for maternity leave (and a smooth transition back to work) is messy and confusing when YOU are the boss.

Don’t get me wrong, I know you know how to be the boss in moving your biz forward: schedules, batching, and delegating galore.

But what does it mean to introduce a newborn into that scenario?

It can be crazy and messy, or simple and beautiful, and likely a mix of both at the same time.

How do I know?

I’ve been there.

I’ve worked with dozens of women who have too.

It’s a scary but beautiful transformation

from entrepreneur to mamapreneur.

During my own pregnancy I pulled from a decade of experience as a maternal health professional to plan out my maternity leave, postpartum care and return to my business on MY terms.

It was not easy.

I had no models to follow or best practices to pull from.

But I had a few tricks up my sleeve that came from a decade in the field of maternal health.

I knew what the research evidence suggests.

I drew from my clinical experience to consider my physical and mental well-being.

I put on my CEO hat and planned to make sure my clients were happy during my hiatus.

The first few weeks of motherhood were still a madhouse, because that is just what they are like. But I had a solid and successful plan that helped ground me and get me back into my office with the right support.

In the maternal health world, we always say that support during the perinatal period is key to successful outcomes.

In the business world, we know we can’t scale and grow on our own.

My expertise is in applying those two concepts to this period of your life: Your transition into motherhood deserves the type of strategy and customized support you would build into any business transition.

Maternity Leave Planning

Maternity Leave Planning + Coaching

If this was a product or course launch you would have had it done by now.

But it’s not, it’s a BABY you are launching.

A real live human.

It will probably be born with some plans of its own (I mean, c’mon it is your child, after all!) that don’t exactly jive with the ins and outs of your business.

Let me take you into newborn working mama land for a minute.

Right now, you might already be thinking about hiring childcare so you can get back into the swing of things asap.

Or planning out how to take advantage of nap time and knock out a few tasks then.

Or practicing typing out emails to your team or clients with one hand (because the other will be holding baby).

But guess what? You might end up with a baby that loves to be walked around while being fed….no emails being sent then.

Or a little one that sleeps for 15 minutes at a time after being rocked for 40….barely enough time for you to go to the bathroom and shove something (nutritious of course) in your mouth, much less communicate with your team.

You might decide to use that previous childcare time to take a nap yourself, because sleep deprivation is no joke.

Trust me, I’m not trying to terrify you.

Maternity Leave Planning

Maternity Leave Planning + Coaching

Arianna coaches from a stance of exploring your own experience & struggles. She really allows you to see your own constant journey--which normalizes the fact that we are all striving to be good to ourselves, and that its an ebb and flow process.

Veronica Lett
Social Worker

Arianna brings poetry to professionalism, and steers with a steady hand through often chaotic realms. She possesses an exceptional blend of skills drawn from the analytical, intuitive, creative, and organizational know-how that are invaluable.

Elizabeth Nails
Theater Artist and Consultant

You know the reality: there can be a lot of struggle in those first few months.

You’ve seen it with your friends and fellow business owners.

You want to feel prepared to navigate both the expected and unexpected experiences of your transition from woman to mother, and from biz owner to mamapreneur.

Give yourself the support and flexibility to thrive.

Together, we will figure how you will care for yourself and keep your business moving forward...even when your baby requires (and deserves!) the bulk of your time and attention those first few months.

Maternity Leave Planning

Maternity Leave Planning + Coaching

You’ll be guided to think through + plan for some of the things you may not have tackled yet: the back-to-work transition period, feeling confident as you navigate the unknowns, fitting in postpartum care so you are able to feel your physical and mental best.

Some of the things you can check off your to do list when we work together are:

    • Your tailored maternity leave plan and support in mapping out your time off and return to work
    • An action plan for the systems and support you need to babyproof your business
    • Individualized mind-body strategies to support you through your transition and navigating stress, anxiety, and fear (all a fun part of the new working mama experience!)
    • Guidance on how to connect to other professionals you may need in your community (eg. chiropractors, counselors, physiotherapists, childcare providers etc)
    • Clear vision for who will be part of your postpartum network and how family and friends can help you (and how to get them to leave you alone until their help is needed!)

    ​What I always appreciated so much was the clarity and calmness in your voice, it felt like you really held space for me and whatever my needs were. I felt safe and grounded in your hands.

    Isela Gutierrez
    Non-Profit Professional

    What stands out to me is how observant Arianna is and her ability to adapt to what's happening in a session at any given moment. She is both patient and persistent on finding solutions that are appropriate for the individual needs.

    Kate Millen
    Founder/Owner of Giving Tree Wellness

    I was overwhelmed after giving birth via an emergency caesarian. In the weeks that followed surgery, I felt completely out of touch with my old self. I am so happy with how far I’ve come. By healing the areas affected by the caesarean and getting back to a place where I’m finding strength and confidence again, I’m recovering from my disappointment about having had to go through surgery. It is very important to be my most healthy and strongest self going forward into this adventure of motherhood and Arianna has been the foundation in this process.

    Stephanie Morton 
    Founder/Owner of Destination 26.2

    It can be hard when we can’t control and or predict our next move. You CAN learn the tools to work through those inevitable experiences with confidence and grace. 

I offer two different ways we can work together:

Maternity Leave Planning

Maternity Leave Planning + Coaching

I’m Arianna and it’s my privilege to work with women who are seasoned entrepreneurs and first time mamas-to-be to make their maternity leave and transition to (working!) motherhood smoother.

I bring expertise as a maternal health professional, as well as a fellow business owner and mama to the table.

I was introduced to the maternal health field as a public health professional working with new mothers in some of the most vulnerable situations women can find themselves in: living in poverty, leaving abusive spouses, navigating a new country and language --- all while they experienced pregnancy, postpartum, and tried to make sense of the resources available to them.

Over the past decade I grew a consulting practice specializing in women’s and reproductive health issues in clinical settings, non-profit, and research/academia and added one-on-one services to the mix in 2013.

As you might guess, I learned a few things along the way. I got some degrees in the field, sought out further training, gave talks, wrote peer-reviewed articles and then...I got to test out all the tricks up my sleeve during my own transition to motherhood when my son was born. You could say I became my own case study.

I’ve taken the best evidence available from the field, combined it with what I have learned truly works for women who are juggling a business in addition to parenthood, and tailored my services to meet you exactly where you are.​

What kind of expertise can you count on when working with me? Here's a quick list of some of my relevant qualifications:

  • 2 health professional degrees: a Masters of Social Work and Master of Science in Maternal & Child Health (both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  • 3 years of specialized training by the US Maternal and Child Health Bureau
  • 6 years of providing consulting services in maternal and reproductive health to universities and research institutions
  • 8 years of experience as a clinical health educator
  • 16 years of being successfully self-employed
  • 40+ invited lectures, presentations and trainings given in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Guatemala
  • 2000+ hours of advanced training and continuing education in mental health, yoga therapy, ayurveda and mind-body wellness techniques

The information on this site is not medical or psychological advice. This information is being provided to you for educational purposes about postpartum issues that may arise and as a self-help tool for your own use. This information is to be used at your own risk based on your own judgment.