COVID-19 Small Business Resources

On Friday, March 13th, 2020, I began compiling and reviewing relevant COVID-19 resources for expecting entrepreneurs. Here are the highest quality resources I have found regarding small businesses. You can find resources specific to pregnancy, birth and postpartum here.


  1. Natalie Eckdahl’s recent podcast episode, Preparing for the Coronavirus as a Small Business Owner featuring Dr. Amy Zalman (published March 5, 2019). The episode does an excellent job of summarizing some of the challenges on the horizon for service-based business owners (online and local) and highlights steps you can take now as an entrepreneur.
  2. Gusto, the payroll management software, has compiled loan and relief resources for small businesses that covers federal, state, and private relief options to help business owners navigate payroll for employees as well as operating costs needed to stay in business.
  3. Tara McMullin pulled together a group of entrepreneurs for a timely episode on the ever-helpful What Works podcast: COVID 19 and the Impact on Small Business Owners. The episode covers some of the legal complexities, planning for short and long terms effects in business, as well as the emotional impact on entrepreneurs.
  4. Honeybook and Rising Tide Society released a “Small Business Continuity Plan” that comprehensive covers 18 steps small business leaders can take to address how COVID-19 is affecting their everyday work.
  5. The AWB Law Firm has compiled a small business guide, and is updated the page frequently with informative videos, particularly on the legal, financial, and human resources aspects of small business during this time.

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