Three gifts that will make postpartum easier

Folks are pretty generous when it comes to welcoming a new member of the family, and baby showers often bring in the goods.
But decided what you need vs what’s overkill is tough!

During my own pregnancy I knew deep down that baby only truly needed a handful of things:
A place to sleep
Some diapers and clothes to wear
Me (I covered food supply and emotional security)

I like to think of new moms as having some of these basic needs too
Ask yourself: What do I need to survive the initial transition?

For me (and maybe for you!) the answer is:
Someone to handle some of my regular household duties
Food and drink
Taking care of my body

These are actually rather simple to turn into some concrete gift giving ideas. Hence, this list of my top 3 baby shower wish list items that have more to do with mama than baby.


Professional cleaning

Long before I was pregnant, a friend of mine raved about how her best baby shower gift was having the cleaning lady come 2 times a week for a few weeks after the baby was born.
This is an awesome thing to suggest to folks who don’t want to go the “traditional “ route and want to give you something truly useful.

Literally – help me not have to worry about keeping my house clean!

You can list the name of a cleaning company, provide contact details for some cleaning help you already have, or some might go for the good old fashioned envelope full of cash route.


Prenatal bodywork

Later in pregnancy, perhaps even around the time you have a baby shower, the breath gets a little harder to access.
Daily self-massage of the pectoral and intercostal muscles can be great, but want a pro?
Book an appointment with a prenatal massage therapist.
They will literally be able to create more space for you to breath.
Look up some folks in your area who issue gift certificates and put them on the list!


Meal delivery

You’d be surprised at how quickly you can organize home-cooked meals to arrive to you!
You can use a simple tool like MealTrain, where local friends and family can sign up for a date to deliver a hot meal to your home.
You might also have one of those friends who is a stellar organizer and really wants to help out in a special way – this can be their task.
Make sure you include info on any dietary restrictions or special requests!
For pre-written text and ideas of how you can reach out, check out my post on postpartum meal planning.


So there you have it.
Three things that probably aren’t on your baby shower list that really should be.
They will make new mama life more nourishing, comfortable, and cleaner.

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