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Welcome! If you’re pregnant (or thinking seriously about it) and are trying to find some sense of balance between all things business and babies you are in the right spot.

You’re probably here because you’ve heard that I specialize in supporting women entrepreneurs as they become mothers for the first time. Specifically, I work with you to craft your ideal maternity leave plan so you can have  the best postpartum experience and return to work with as little stress as possible. 


Here are some of my blog posts that address frequently asked questions:

If you are in the second or third trimester I highly recommend listening to the following podcasts where I discuss:

  •  Postpartum planning, new mama support, and the back-to-work transition on the Birthful Podcast
  • All thing postpartum and maternity leave myths and realities on Fertility Friday
  • Maternal-child health, feeling good postpartum, and what support systems can do for new moms and babies on Natural Birth and Baby Care

If you want to get to know me beyond what’s on my about page (i.e. a behind the scenes look at my life, business and why I am so passionate about maternity leave planning for entrepreneurs) you can listen to my interviews on The Boss-Mom Podcast and The Balancing Act Podcast


So what’s the next step from here?

OPTION 1 –> Check out the Postpartum Planning Workbook so you can get started in mapping out the support you will need while on maternity leave.

OPTION 2 –> Not sure what your maternity leave will look like? Or wondering if you can even take leave as a business owner? Schedule a time to chat with me about the possibilities.