Guest Post Guidelines

Below are some guiding principles to help you craft your post, but remember: the key is to share your personal story about self care in the postpartum period. It can be funny, sad, inspirational, joyous, but most of all it should be authentic and provide some practical insight that other mothers can use in their lives. Arianna and staff will be reviewing the posts to make sure that they meet the following criteria.

Let your personality shine: Tell the readers a little bit about yourself, and write in a way that let’s your voice shine through. Is humor a key part of your personality? Slip a little comic relief in! Do people describe you as “matter-of-fact”? Let your writing get right to the point! Do not worry about sounding “professional,” you are speaking with peers who want to hear from someone other than a professional! (If you are in the field of women’s health, maternal health, or parenting, share that you are, but remember that you are writing as a fellow mom!)

Provide practical tips: Share a few things from your self care journey that will be useful and helpful to other mothers. This is the “so what?” or “lessons learned” of your personal story. Be specific about what you did that you would recommend (doing or not doing!) to other new moms out there, or provide resources that you have found helpful.

Length: Post can be as short as 500 words or as long as 3000. Reading your post out loud can help you determine if its complete with all the details a reader would need to know in order to have a “take away” from your post. Keep an eye out for over-use or “fluffy” or “flowery” language. Our team reserves the right to edit for clarity.

Formatting: Please send your post in a word document.  Keep your paragraphs short, and include headlines to break up text. If there are certain sections you want in bold or in a bigger font, make note of that in the document. Our team will handle the web formatting after you submit, and have say over the final version.

Spreading the word: Your post is going to be full of inspiration, please help us share it far and wide! After it has been posted to the site, we will send you a follow up email so that you can share it via email and social media.

Other submission details:
  • Provide 3 options for titles for your post
  • Provide a 50-150 word bio, including any links to your personal/professional social media, website, and/or blog
  • 1 high resolution image of you and any hi res images you would like to go along with your post
  • Use spell check and double check for spelling or grammatical errors before submitting
  • Please know that it will take 6-8 weeks from the time you submit to when it is posted
Please send your post, bio, and images in an email to
P.S. Stumble across these guidelines and wondering about submitting a post? Please note that contributions to the blog at are by invitation only. Contributions that are unsolicited will not be reviewed. If you would like us to learn about your work and be considered for future guest blog topics, you may send an email to