100 Businesses Babyproofed Project

100 Businesses are getting Babyproofed by the end of this year…

Will yours be one of them?


Entrepreneurs are pushing the boundaries of innovation and making real-world impact when it comes to global economics and social change.

Yes, I’m talking about you.

You are rocking it.

Your business is making waves.

For the health and wealth of your family, but also for our collective society.


And yet… when it comes to parental leave, our financial, emotional, and health needs are left up to our own devices.


Let me be straight with you – as a perinatal health professional I stand in the camp of parental leave being a fundamental issue of the human right to health.

I know that that we need to advocate for parental leave rights for parents in all types of work environments.

As self-employed entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners (whatever you wish to call yourself) pregnancy places us on the margins of social safety nets with little to no protection.

We are left vulnerable and exposed at a time in life and business when support matters the most.

Well guess what?

I’m saying, “no more.”


I publicly and unapologetically stand for access to services that improve our quality of life, our business’ ability to thrive and our collective ability to make meaningful contributions to the world.


And yes, systemic change is needed to impact policies and opportunities on a population level.

While we work on that bigger picture, the day-in and day-out realities of preparing ourselves and our businesses for maternity leave need to also be addressed.



The Expecting Entrepreneur: A Guide to Parental Leave Planning for Self Employed Business Owners


The book provides a step-by-step blueprint for expecting business owners to plan parental leave while ensuring that their small business runs smoothly and successfully in their absence. Full of easy-to-implement strategies and diverse case studies of entrepreneurs during pregnancy and parenthood, this is your guide to confidently prioritizing your health and your baby with a leave that fits your business model.

You’ll discover:

  • A foundation of five principles for planning your ideal leave.
  • Scientific evidence on the importance of parental leave for you, your baby, and your business.
  • How to update operations and client communications to keep day-to-day tasks moving forward.
  • Financial options to fund your time off when paid family leave isn’t possible.
  • Strategies to ease the transition of returning to your business


I believe you and your business deserve that safety net.

I believe we can build it.



Let’s Get to Babyproofing.