100 Businesses Babyproofed Project

100 Businesses are getting Babyproofed by December 31st…

Will yours be one of them?


Female entrepreneurs are pushing the boundaries of innovation and making real-world impact when it comes to global economics and social change.

Yes, I’m talking about you.

You are rocking it.

Your business is making waves.

For the health and wealth of your family, but also for our collective society.


And yet… when it comes to maternity leave, our financial, emotional, and health needs are left up to our own devices.


Let me be straight with you – as a maternal health professional I stand in the camp of maternity leave being a fundamental issue of the human right to health.

I know that that we need to advocate for maternity leave rights for women in all types of work environments.

As self-employed entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners (whatever you wish to call yourself) pregnancy places us on the margins of social safety nets with little to no protection.

We are left vulnerable and exposed at a time in life and business when support matters the most.

Well guess what?

I’m saying, “no more.”


I publicly and unapologetically stand for access to services that improve our quality of life, our business’ ability to thrive and our collective ability to make meaningful contributions to the world.


And yes, systemic change is needed to impact policies and opportunities on a population level.

While we work on that bigger picture, the day-in and day-out realities of preparing ourselves and our businesses for maternity leave need to also be addressed.



The 100 Businesses Babyproofed Project.


From now until December 31, 2017, I’m opening up my calendar to provide FREE support to 100 expecting entrepreneurs in addressing one burning question you are facing as you prepare yourself and your business for maternity leave.

The question can be about mindset, finances, health (including mental health), logistics, systems, childcare, etc.

Some examples of the topics that we can cover in these short sessions are:

  1. What should my client communication plan be?
  2. What are strategies I can implement to pay myself during my leave?
  3. How do I know how much work I can take on when I return to my client work?
  4. How can I plan ahead for my postpartum recovery?

We dive right into one topic for 30 minutes, so that you leave the conversation with concrete action you can take to prepare yourself for the next step.

There is no pitching, no sales talk – we tackle the topic that you bring to the table without any other agenda.



It’s about the micro:

Your business. Your health and wellbeing. Your family.

And it’s about the macro:

Economic justice. Women’s health. Gender equity.


It’s about our fundamental right to be supported when we need it.

Because we matter.

Our business’ matter.

Our contributions matter.


I believe you and your business deserve that safety net.

I believe we can build it.

Scratch that – I KNOW we can build it.

Because I have sat right where you are, wondering what would happen to my clients, my livelihood, my life!


I had a decade of experience as a maternal health professional, but when I set out to plan my maternity leave as a self-employed consultant, I found…a whole lot of nothing.


I found some blog posts of what other women did and what worked for their business.

I read about what entrepreneurs in billion dollar companies did for their leave (oh hey Marisa Mayer!)

I came across dozens of generic “guides” that included sage wisdom like “plan ahead” without delving into much more.

I did not find any clues about how to develop a process.

No system for figuring out what would work for me and my business.


So, I did what my training as a researcher, health professional, and business owner taught me to do best: fill the gap!

I developed and tested a model for maternity leave planning that meets our needs as business owners, sparking a much larger conversation about what it means to babyproof your business and navigate new motherhood…like a BOSS.

I’d love to invite you to join the dialogue.


I want to emphasize that these are not “pick your brain” sessions or a free for all “solve all the problems” discussion.

I show up with my expertise as a maternal health professional of 10+ years, and my camaraderie as a fellow business owner and mother.

You show up as you are, with your strengths, gifts, talents, as well as vulnerabilities and willingness to communicate your needs.

We see what we can accomplish together in 30 minutes.




Let’s Get to Babyproofing.